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Tuck Living and Learning Complex

The Tuck Living and Learning Complex at Dartmouth College, designed by Goody Clancy Architects and built by Engelberth Construction during 2007 – 2008 was a unique structure that required comprehensive commercial roofing services and architectural sheet metal work. As a construction team member The Melanson Company’s activities included fully adhered PVC roofing, radius standing seam copper, pre-patinated copper architectural wall panel and soldered flat-seamed roofing.

The unique wall panel design required careful planning and weeks of shop fabrication to keep the crews supplied and on schedule. The finished installation is a focal design feature of the exterior of the building and an interesting contrast to the surrounding brick veneer.

Curved standing seam copper roofing was also fabricated off site and shipped to the job when needed to limit jobsite footprint and facilitate a prompt installation.

The flat seam copper work on the project incorporated several unusual details including a radial design at one area. Revere Copper was consulted to ensure the installation was in keeping with “Copper and Common Sense” the industry standard for copper roofing applications.

The upper flat roof sections on the project were constructed with a tapered insulation assembly and fully adhered 80 mil PVC coversheet.

With several different roofing applications, wall panel and soffit cladding assemblies the roofing related work on the project required a high level of coordination with other trades. The Melanson Company was pleased to participate and be a contributor to the success of the project.

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